Reclaim derelict mine sites
Recycle minerals for a circular economy
Rehabilitate environmental destruction

Rehabilitation of historic mining

Mining is known to cause significant environmental impacts if not managed properly. Historically, as a society we were unable to appreciate these legacies or to mitigate them properly. As a result, there are thousands of historical mines around the world which have not been managed properly. Some have rehabilitated themselves naturally. Others have left a legacy of pollution and destruction.

Reclamation is one of the methods used to rehabilitate and reclaim land affected by historical mining activities. It is an expensive exercise and typically undertaken by Governments rather than the private sector.

Broula King Enterprises (BKE) alleviates the burden of rehabilitation from Government and the community and offers an opportunity for investors to make a good return on investment — while improving the environment and making the world a better place.


BKE is a specialist environmental reclamation company. We specialise in rehabilitating and reclaiming land damaged by mining and industrial activities. Our aims are to:

  • Improve and rehabilitate the environment,
  • Reduce the amount of toxins entering the food chain,
  • Contain and treat toxic waste in modern facilities
  • Provide raw materials for use in renewable and other industries
  • Significantly reduce the cost to taxpayers and the Government
  • Pay the government for cleaning up the Government’s liability
  • Provide employment and economic activity in rural areas
  • Generate a return for investors

BKE is a wholly owned Australian company and the majority of economic benefits of our projects are retained in the country.

Most sites that Broula King Enterprises focuses on are so badly polluted and damaged that they will never be able to be returned to their pre-European state.  However, vast improvements can be made by reclaiming them.

About us

Broula King Enterprises (BKE) is a 100% Australian owned company with its registered office in Tamworth NSW.  The company brings together experts with a wide variety of experience and skills specifically relevant to minesite and industrial reclamations.

Of substantial importance is the processing technology to extract the metals from the slag and mullock – which is particularly difficult.  This process and expertise had been hard one over several decades by key specialists involved with the company.

Reclamation & Rehabilitation

Reclamation is the activity of making land that is contaminated or in poor condition suitable for other uses.  Inherent in the term as it is applied to contaminated lands is the reduction of emissions, pollutants and toxins being emitted.

Rehabilitation is where an area affected by activities such as mining is reinstated to its former condition.

410 abandoned mine sites in NSW.
52,534 in Australia.
”The cost of rehabilitating all major abandoned mine sites in Australia would run into billions dollars… Poor or non-existent rehabilitation of historical mines has resulted in ongoing environmental and social damage.”

— Senate Environmental and Communications Committee 2019

Broula King Enterprises alleviates the burden of rehabilitation from Government and the community and provides an opportunity for investors to make a good return on investment.

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