About Us

Broula King Enterprises (BKE) is a 100% Australian owned company with its registered office in Tamworth NSW.  The company brings together experts with a wide variety of experience and skills specifically relevant to mine site and industrial reclamations.

Of substantial importance is the processing technology to extract the metals from the slag and mullock – which is particularly difficult.  This process and expertise had been hard won over several decades by key specialists involved with the company.

Invest in a sustainable business and help reclaim the environment


Reclamation is the activity of making land that is contaminated or in poor condition suitable for other uses. Inherent in the term as it is applied to contaminated lands is the reduction of emissions, pollutants and toxins being emitted. Reclamation is more appropriate when the contaminated land is not able to be fully rehabilitated due to the extent of the existing damage.


Rehabilitation is where an area affected by activities such as mining is reinstated to its former condition.

Most sites that BKE focusses on are so badly polluted and damaged that they will never be able to be returned to their pre-European state.  However, vast improvements can be made by reclaiming them.


Using BKE’s advanced technology and decades of experience, the heavy metal contaminants and their sources are treated and the metal contained within them simultaneously extracted. Many of these metals are crucial to enable our society’s transition to a low-carbon future. Far better for these metals to be in our cars and phones than in our water supply.

An ethical investment

BKE has an opportunity for investors to earn a return on funding and:

1.     improve waterways and water supplies.

2.     restore the environment

3.     reduce or eliminate risks to public health, safety and the environment

4.     optimise beneficial reuse of the legacy mine site.

The aim

Under the New South Wales Government’s Legacy Mines Program, BKE aims to rehabilitate Legacy mines, sometimes called abandoned or derelict mine sites.

The process begins with the extraction of contaminant metals. Using advanced technology and decades of experience, a derelict mine site can be put through a reclamation process that rejuvenates the ecosystem with removal of heavy metal contaminants from the environment and supplies these metals into the market. 

The NSW government conducted an audit in 2011 and 2014. The NSW Auditor-General found that there were around 410 abandoned mines in NSW and estimated that there were 112 derelict mine sites on Crown Land.  Among them number were 38 high risk sites. Seven large scale derelict mines on Crown land are potentially high risk including Sunny Corner.


The company Sunshine Reclamation Pty Ltd has been established and is jointly owned by Koopman Securities Pty ltd and Clean Mines Pty Ltd.

Current Approvals and Engagement

Sunshine Reclamation:

  • has purchased the Exploration lease EL5964
  • is finalising a Development Application to the Bathurst Shire Council
  • has started a Mining lease Application to the NSW Mines Department
  • established an Agreement with the Processing facility 
  • has consulted with the NSW Environmental Protection Authority (EPA), Crown Lands, Local Government Associations, the NSW Department responsible for legacy mine and relevant Sitting members of NSW parliament
  • engaged the highly respected environmental and mining advisory firm in NSW:RW Corkery, to conduct the necessary Statement of Environmental Impacts for the Mine operations Plan and Development Application.
  • At all levels of Government and the NSW Government Agencies responsible, the support for the project is overwhelming and all are enthusiastic to be part of the project.
  • Debt Funding for the project commenced on 1 January 2020 and will close on the 30 March 2020, or before, if all Units have been allocated.

How to invest

To find out more information, Sunshine Reclamation requires the signing of an NCNDA in the first instance, and we can then give you access to our data room. To acquire an NCNDA, or to find out more, please click the contact button below.