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Reclamation is the activity of making land that is contaminated or in poor condition suitable for other uses.  Inherent in the term as it is applied to contaminated lands is the reduction of emissions, pollutants and toxins being emitted.

The words are commonly intertwined, but Reclamation is more appropriate when the contaminated land is not able to be fully rehabilitated due to the extent of the existing damage.


Rehabilitation is where an area affected by activities such as mining is reinstated to its former condition.

Most sites that Sunshine Reclamation focusses on are so badly polluted and damaged that they will never be able to be returned to their pre-European state.  However, vast improvements can be made by reclaiming them.

Recycle, reclaim, re-use

The ores processed a century ago to provide metals for our society were not very efficient – and certainly not very environmentally friendly.  Today the metals left over from these operations are leaching into our environment or lying around as waste.  Sunshine Reclamation is taking these wastes and extracting the metals in them including: copper, lead, zinc, gold and silver.  These metals today are used to support our societies material needs – but particularly our needs for electronics, batteries, solar, wind and other renewable energy products.

These metals are typically sourced from new mining projects that ultimately have an environmental penalty associated with them.  In contrast when they are reclaimed and reused from a contaminated site, there is no new mining and environmental penalty.  Instead the recovery of these metals from one of our projects is associated with an environmental benefit.